Not Right Fight Night: The Adobe Creative Jam came to the University of Arizona. The Creative Jam is a competition of selected students after a portfolio review. You are given a theme 24 hours in advance allowed to do research and sketches are only allowed during this time frame till the event and you are free to pick a student partner. My partner for this event was Cole Friedman. The theme that was given this year was "Boundless", Cole and I came up with the idea of animal cruelty and how we felt that this issue in the world was endless, on going. Taking two roosters fighting one and other also known as "Cock Fights" was one of the high rates of animal cruelty. We placed boxing gloves referencing from traditional art work boxing posters from the 1920's to the Notre Dame Leprechaun from the 1960's Creating this graphic impact on the screen to the audience taking the judges vote home with a gold medal.